Ella Fitzgerald: Just One Of Those Things

June 2020 Virtual Cinema Release (Eagle Rock Entertainment)


"Just One of Those Things" is a comprehensive look at Fitzgerald's life and career”

-USA Today


“A jazz movie whose dominant mode — amid valiant efforts to mine some personal sorrow — is actual musical joy? We’ll take it.”



“Gathering new interviews and a fine selection of archival material, British documentarian Leslie Woodhead tells Fitzgerald's story with a sure feel for the joyous swing and sultry depths of that voice, and a sensitive eye on the complexities of life as a self-made Black woman in 20th century America.”

-Hollywood Reporter


“The First Lady Of Jazz is immortalized on film in the documentary Ella Fitzgerald: Just One Of Those Things”



“Completely absorbing...the live clips truly delight. From a charmingly endearing performance of ‘A-Tisket, A Tasket” -- where you’ll be hard pressed not to fall immediately in love with her--to an absolutely jaw-dropping version of ‘Crazy Rhythm,” there’s little doubt why she came to be known as the ‘First Lady Of Song.’ “



“It abounds with wall-to-wall performances of her music…[Her] inventiveness and virtuosity will dazzle you, but the depth and eloquence of her rendition of “Summertime” will stir your soul.”

-Boston Globe


“A beautiful piece of archival work with a wealth of silky, black-and-white film and still photography, a knowing look at an artist facing racism in her own country and abroad and a virtual resurrection of a legendary American musical genius.”

-Boston Herald


“Through interviews with friends and colleagues, the film showcases how Fitzgerald’s sheer talent, resilience, and hard work helped her overcome personal tragedy, loneliness, racism, and gender-based bias to become one of the most notable figures of the 20th century. Just like her music, Fitzgerald’s story is timeless, and this film’s arrival just as the Black Lives Matter movement has grown momentum as a global phenomenon underlines that even more.
-Chicago Reader


“A suitably affectionate documentary portrait that walks us through her life and career.”

-Washington Post

“British director Leslie Woodhead’s powerful, often poignant documentary Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things provides a comprehensive portrait that doesn’t shortchange its audience in any department...Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things goes deeper than just spotlighting her artistry — it reveals the toll it took, while cementing the fact that the journey was still well worth it.”

-Nashville Scene


“In one seemingly simple sentence, musician Laura Mvula concisely sums up the everlasting appeal of Ella Fitzgerald: ‘She made it seem like anything is possible.’...Leslie Woodhead’s Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things serves as a fine introductory course on all things Ella.”

-San Diego Reader


“Leslie Woodhead’s documentary ‘Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things’ has got plenty of swing and a whole lot more. It’s a 90-minute jam session...there’s wall-to-wall music, with take-fives to hear from celeb admirers...The best thing about ‘Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things,’ other than the music, is the way it evokes an era and reminds us that its subject was one of the great voices of the 20th century.”

-San Francisco Chronicle

“Both Fitzgerald fans and those for whom she’s a mere name from the past will be impressed.”

-San Francisco Examiner


“Elegantly composed from interviews, archival footage and still photographs, Ella tells the gratifying story of the homeless 16-year old in a dirty dress who became one of the world’s most recognized names in jazz...The narrative in words and pictures manages to encompass a wide stretch of African American history as well as the musical and personal trajectory of its subject...And this may surprise many viewers: footage of Fitzgerald getting funky, soaring above the syncopation in a live rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” that reached the satellite years ahead of Apollo 11.”

-Shepherd Express



Theatrical Release December 2019, DVD / Blu-ray Release June 2020


Free of the trappings that denote most large concerts today, Live Baby Live puts the focus squarely on singer Michael Hutchence and the music of INXS.


It is widely considered one of Hutchence’s finest performances, of which [Giles] Martin said: “This new mix of ‘Live Baby Live’ captures one of the biggest global sensations at the height of their powers. INXS are one of the greatest bands to have graced the Wembley Stadium stage. The sheer scale of seeing an audience moving as one to the music is mesmerizing.’ ” 


 As beats reverberate across London’s old Wembley Stadium, the Australian rock band’s appeal leaps to life: funky guitar rhythms, saxophones, tight trousers and the soulful flow of the singer Michael Hutchence’s voice.

-New York Times

...This is a rare moment of visibility for a band that achieved global superstardom but has been notably absent in the digital age.

-New York Times

“Live Baby Live” captures INXS at its peak.

-New York Times

Their exuberance and love for playing together clearly shows.


If 1987’s Kick was the album that finally allowed the group to open the doors to success, Live Baby Live showcased the power of INXS as a live unit...The confidence onstage at Wembley is impossible to miss. 

-Ultimate Classic Rock

From London Grammar’s cover of “Devil Inside” to everyone with a record deal putting their own spin on “Never Tear Us Apart,” INXS’ influence on pop culture has only grown since the passing of Michael Hutchence.



Beyond the Chart-toppers and singles, INXS prove they are a complete band. There's absolutely no filler throughout the show, a testament to the group’s songwriting prowess.



Live Baby Live is a reminder from the pre-cell phone era of the potential for a hot band to connect with a stadium-sized crowd using minimal frills. The band is abetted by the essentials of meticulous sound and a stellar light show, vividly captured here. INXS leads a wild party, and makes it look effortless....Live Baby Live: Wembley Stadium is an enduring gift from the band to its fans, and among the finest rock films ever recorded.

-Illinois Entertainer


The film stands as a tribute to the late Michael Hutchence and his charismatic stage presence, and it features a truly outstanding show by a great live band at the height of their powers.



This is a high energy performance, with some really appealing vocals from Michael Hutchence and good, propulsive playing from the band.



If you need to remember how good INXS was, then this is a great place to start. They may be only second to Queen in demanding that size of an audience at the world-famous Wembley Stadium, and this new video release proves it. 

-JP's Music Blog