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“Skirting the obvious, flirting with alternatives, fueling the fire of what burns within, that’s our stock-in-trade. Tour press, promotions, product tie-ins, event co-ordination, company branding, broadcasts, and/or just bringing to the dance seemingly disparate partners…it’s all in a day’s work at Kayos.  The company couldn’t be more aptly named." 


-Carol Kaye Founder/President



Boutique PR firm Kayos Productions has had its heartbeat attuned to the pulse and frenetic motion of rock’n’roll itself for over three decades.


Effectively communicating the essence at the heart of an artist’s craft and curating PR campaigns to support it, Kayos prides itself on its wide scope of work with recording artists, record labels, authors, filmmakers, engineers, painters, prophets, and poets…be it Classic Rock, Latin, Folk, Funk, Blues, Country, Jazz, Americana, Indie Rock, or Classical.


Going beyond the bounds of expectation, Kayos specializes in PR campaigns conceptualized around all aspects of music, from album launches, events, and live music, to music films and documentaries, books and biographies, and art galleries. Whether it’s the music itself or the stories behind the music, it’s spreading the good word of the universal language that drives the passion behind our PR.


Kayos Productions is helmed by Carol Kaye, a chameleonic industry veteran who not only established the company before indie PR was the norm, but flourished in the worlds of label operations, music supervision, consulting, artist management, and almost every other aspect of the music industry. Kayos is passionate about working with legacy artists, as well as emerging talent after decades of breaking, branding, and guiding new generations of artists to navigate the wild world of the ever changing entertainment industry.


Let Kayos tell your story.

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