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John Lennon. Aerosmith. Cheap Trick.


These are just a few of the iconic acts that legendary producer / engineer Jack Douglas has lent his talent to. With 40 Gold and Platinum records and several Lifetime Achievement awards to his name, Jack Douglas has played an integral role in the creation of the most celebrated music ever crafted. From engineering such masterpieces as John Lennon’s Imagine and engineering/producing the Lennon / Yoko Ono Grammy-Award winning Double Fantasy, to engineering/producing Aerosmith’s groundbreaking multi-platinum albums Toys In The AtticRocksGet Your Wings, and Draw The Line, to Cheap Trick’s self-titled debut album and their historic Live At Budokan, his work helped set the template for many records to come.


Working his up way at the famed Record Plant studios, from janitor to a prominent position behind the boards, Douglas cemented working relationships with Patti SmithBlue Oyster Cult, and the New York Dolls, as well as David BowieStevie WonderAlice CooperBob DylanGeorge Harrison, and many others.


He continues to work with both established and emerging artists.





Special awards include:


GRAMMY AWARD - Producer/Best Album of the Year:

JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO - "Double Fantasy"


GRAMMY NOMINATION - Producer/Best Single of the Year:

JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO - "(Just Like) Starting Over"



YOKO ONO - Walking On Thin Ice


EMMY AWARD - Best Music Written For Children's TV Show:

"OVER 7" - ABC After School Special


NAMM Technical Hall Of Fame induction


LA MUSIC HALL OF FAME – Lifetime Achievement Award


SARASOTA FILM FESTIVAL - Lifetime Achievement Award for Work in Music and Film




THE INSTITUTE OF AUDIO RESEARCH – Lifetime Achievement Award


FIVE TOWNS COLLEGE honorary doctorate


40 Gold and Platinum Records



Various other producer credits:


AEROSMITH                           "Get Your Wings"                              2X Platinum

AEROSMITH                           "Toys In the Attic”                             6X Platinum

AEROSMTIH                           "Rocks"                                               4X Platinum

AEROSMITH                           "Draw The Line"                               2X Platinum

AEROSMITH                           "Live Bootleg"                                    Platinum

AEROSMITH                           "Greatest Hits"                                   9X Platinum

AEROSMITH                           "Rock In A Hard Place"                     Gold

AEROSMITH                           "Pandora's Box"                                Platinum

AEROSMITH                           "Box Of Fire"                                      Gold

AEROSMITH                           "Somewhere South of Sanity"

AEROSMITH                           “Honkin’ On Bobo”   

AEROSMITH                           “Classics Live”

AEROSMITH                           “Music From Another Dimension!”

JOE PERRY PROJECT            "Let The Music Do The Talking"

JOE PERRY                             “Sweetzerland Manifesto”

JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO                            

                                                "Double Fantasy"                              3X Platinum

JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO                            

                                                 "Milk and Honey"                             Gold

YOKO ONO                             “A Story”

JOHN LENNON                       “Icon”

ALICE COOPER                      "Muscle of Love"                               Gold

ZEBRA                                     "Zebra"                                               Gold

ZEBRA                                     “No Tellin’ Lives”

CHEAP TRICK                        "Cheap Trick"                                     Gold

CHEAP TRICK                        "Live At Budokan" (Mixed)              3X Platinum

CHEAP TRICK                        “Budokan II”

CHEAP TRICK                        “Special One”

CHEAP TRICK                        “Found All The Parts”

CHEAP TRICK                        "Standing On The Edge"                  Gold

CHEAP TRICK                        “Rockford”

PATTI SMITH                          "Radio Ethiopia                                 Gold


                                                “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]”

THE KNACK                           "Round Trip"

RICK DERRINGER                  "Sweet Evil"

GRAHAM PARKER                 "Another Grey Area"

SLASH’S SNAKEPIT                “Ain’t Life Grand”

SUPERTRAMP                        "Some Things Never Change"         Platinum

ADAM BOMB                          “New York Times” (Producer, Choir/Chorus)

ARTFUL DODGER                  “Honor Among Thieves”

ARTFUL DODGER                  “Artful Dodger”

BILLY VALENTINE                 “Brit Eyed Soul”

BLUES BY NATURE               “Blue To The Bone”

BLUES BY NATURE                “Live At The Lake”

BUX                                         “We Came To Play”

CLUTCH                                  "The Elephant Riders"

CLUTCH                                  “Prime Numbers: A CD Sampler”

CROWBAR                              “Crowbar”

HARLEQUIN                           “Harlequin”

HARLEQUIN                           “One False Move”

HARLEQUIN                            “Love Crimes”

LOCAL H                                 “Here Comes The Zoo”

MARINA V                              “Simple Magic”

MICHAEL BRUCE                   “In My Own Way”

MICHAEL MONROE               “Sensory Overdrive” (Producer and Composer)

MICHAEL SCHENKER           “The Michael Schenker Story Live”

MONTROSE                            “Jump On It”

MOXY                                       “Ridin’ High”

MOXY                                       “Moxy II”

NYA JADE                                “My Denial”

RICK DUFAY                            “Tender Loving Abuse”

THE ROCKETS                       “Back Talk”

ROUGH CUTT                        “Wants You”

STARZ                                     “Starz”

TEXAS TERRI / TEXAS TERRI BOMB!                    

                                               “Your Lips…My Ass!”

TIN ANGEL                             “Tin Angel”

THE TREWS                           “Den Of Thieves”

VARIOUS ARTISTS                 “Mob Story: A Hip Hopera”

VARIOUS ARTISTS                 “Quiero Creedence”

VARIOUS ARTISTS                 “Max’s Kansas City”

VESICA PISCES                      “Halfway To Naked” (Producer, Didjeridu, Percussion,

Voices, Commentary”

1994                                       “Please Stand By…”

1994                                       1994







Various Engineering Credits:


JOHN LENNON                       "Imagine"

NEW YORK DOLLS                "New York Dolls"


BOB DYLAN                            "The Concert for Bangladesh"

THE WHO                               "Who's Next"

DAVID BOWIE                       "David Live"

YOKO ONO                             “Feeling The Space”

YOKO ONO                             “Approximately Infinite Universe”

ALICE COOPER                      “Billion Dollar Babies”

HOLY MOUNTAIN [SOUNDTRACK] [included in the DVD set “The Films Of Alejandro Jodorowsky]

BLUE OYSTER CULT               “On Your Feet or on Your Knees”

FLO & EDDIE                          “Flo & Eddie”

GARLAND JEFFRIES               “Garland Jeffries” (associate engineer)

LABELLE                                 “Labelle”

LOVE PLANET                        “Rivertown”

LLOYD GREGORY                   “Gentle Warrior”

NICK HOLMES                       “The Soulful Crooner” (assistant engineer)

THROWBACK SUBURBIA      “Throwback Suburbia”



Featured Artist Credits:


YOKO ONO                             “Yes, I’m A Witch Too”

YOKO ONO                             “Season Of Glass” (Percussion)




Composer Credits:


BILLY STONE                         “West Texas Sky”

FRANKIE MILLER                  “Double Trouble” (Arranger, Composer)

GYPSY QUEEN                       “Gypsy Queen”

THRESHOLD                          “Critical Mass”



Jack Douglas Albums:


Blue Sun (It’s Still You) (2008)

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