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Reflections, 2013

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New York, NY (October 27, 2011)—Candice Night, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, has stepped outside of Blackmore’s Night, the group she’s fronted for 15 years with Ritchie Blackmore, to release Reflections (Minstrel Hall Music).

This debut solo album, composed and arranged by Night, shows an artist secure in her vision, executing flawlessly a myriad of styles from powerful pop-rock balladry and irresistible whimsy, to rock’n’roll, symphonic post-folk and even a modernistic take on girl-group soulfulness (“Gone Gone Gone”). Between the constantly shifting soundscapes of haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics and the lush evocative musical bed upon which they lie, Reflections is revelatory. Night’s melodic inventions on this album are pristine, rooted in centuries-old folk strains that she has absorbed in a lifetime of listening and learning. 

“Now And Then,” for instance, has the kind of vocal that stays with the listener long after the song ends. In a voice quivering…vulnerable…sensual, Night nails this tale that was originally intended for Blackmore’s Night. On “Dangerous Smile,” the guitars bespeak a rock’n’roll sensibility that has been ingrained within her yet now can take center-stage. The pumped-up percussion adds volumes…as does Candice’s lyric and attitude. 

And we thought we knew Candice Night! 

From the preternaturally pretty “Robin Red Breast,” which continues her career-long fascination with nature, to the Symphonic-Folk (do we have a new genre here?) of “For You,” Candice Night has delivered a career statement of startling proportions. The satisfyingly full production of single “Call It Love” earned her the #7 spot on the FMQB/AC Mainstream chart, nestled between Lady Gaga and Coldplay. She recently released a video for the totally haunting impossible-to-forget “Black Roses.” 

Candice Night–international role model, a life-long advocate for numerous charitable causes, animal activist, superstar princess on the Renaissance Faire circuit, recent mom, and the ultimate Classic Rock muse in a career that has been impossible to define—adds yet another chapter to her long saga of female empowerment on Reflections. 

Click here to view the “Black Roses” video: 

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Track Listing: 
1.) Wind Is Calling (Hush The Wind) 
2.) Gone Gone Gone 
3.) Black Roses 
4.) Now and Then (2011) 
5.) Dangerous Smile 
6.) For You 
7.) Call It Love 
8.) Robin Red Breast 
9.) Alone With Fate 
10.) In Time 

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