~In Stores November 17~

New York, NY (November 9, 2009)—W.A.S.P. leader Blackie Lawless has never been afraid to speak his mind - and prod his loyal following while using thought-provoking imagery (both lyrically and on stage). And this is certainly apparent on the group’s fourteenth studio album overall, Babylon. Due to the album’s success overseas (charting high in almost every European country following its release on October 12th), the U.S. release of Babylon will occur much sooner than its originally-planned early 2010 release date, so that fans do not have to shell out extra money for the disc as an import. The CD will be available in the States in record stores on November 17th, with an official release date of December 8th.


The album - for which work began in February of this year - saw Lawless take a good look in the mirror about not only himself, but also the current state of the world. “As the recordings progressed, I found myself once again asking the question - ‘Who am I?’, but more specifically ‘Who am I now, and where am I in my life?’” explains Lawless. “You all know that I’ve said repeatedly that any art: be it movies, painting or music should reflect its maker’s vision of themselves, and the world around them at that precise moment of their lives. If they are indeed truthful with that art, it then gives the viewer or listener a pretty good snapshot inside the head and heart of the one creating it.”


With the world in a state of flux due to a global financial meltdown, Lawless began doing some research, which led to the genesis of what became Babylon. “I went back and did a detailed study of the Book of Revelation and refreshed my memory with some pretty amazing reading. That reading inspires powerful images. Enough for me to take those images of the 6th chapter of Revelation and the four horsemen of the apocalypse and write “Babylon’s Burning.” “Babylon’s Burning” is based on that imagery in the same way “Headless Children” was. It’s an overview of what we allow ourselves to become and the consequences that befall us for the poor choices we make.”


As evidenced by such standout tracks as “Crazy” (the lead-off single) and “Babylon’s Burning” (for which a video is being filmed), W.A.S.P. fans will be rewarded with an album that is both thought-provoking and rocking. And Lawless couldn’t have picked two finer covers to round out the album - killer renditions of Deep Purple’s “Burn” and Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land.” W.A.S.P. is currently on tour in Europe, and is aiming to slay U.S. audiences early in 2010...you have been warned!


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Track Listing:

1.) Crazy

2.) Live To Die Another Day

3.) Babylon’s Burning

4.) Burn

5.) Into The Fire

6.) Thunder Red

7.) Seas of Fire

8.) Godless Run

9.) Promised Land


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