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Six Part Documentary Tells The Story Of The Comedic Luminaries’ Celebrating Their 40th Anniversary


~On 3DVD and 2Blu-ray Sets October 27~

New York, NY (September 24, 2009)—It has been forty years since Monty Python’s “Flying Circus” aired its premiere episode on BBC TV, igniting a comedic revolution. Setting the bar for satire, slapstick, and outright silliness, the Pythons have elevated themselves to iconic status, from comedy troupe to cultural phenomenon. To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of this legendary ensemble, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Monty Python: Almost The Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut) on 3DVD and 2Blu-ray on October 27, just a week after its IFC airing on October 18. [Pre-book Order Date October 7, MSRP $29.99 for 3DVD, $34.99 for 2Blu-ray]


This six-part docu-series, with each episode clocking in at an hour, is the only official, authorized program to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of this series. These recent interviews from John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin, along with archival interview footage from the late Graham Chapman, will unveil the deeper truths behind the expertly executed buffoonery. Commentary is also included from Dan Aykroyd, Tim Roth, Phill Jupitus, Bruce Dickinson, Nick Mason, Eddie Izzard, Seth Green, Steve Coogan, Stephen Merchant, Simon Pegg, and others.


In addition to the interviews, Monty Python: Almost The Truth also indulges in a generous helping of video clips. The series features a wealth of footage from pre-Python material, Monty Python’s “Flying Circus” television series, their classic live performance from Hollywood Bowl, and the three Python films (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, and Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life). There is also a plethora of bonus footage, including their classic sketches (such as “Spanish Inquisition,” “Ministry Of Silly Walks,” and “The Lumberjack Song”), extended interviews, and photo galleries.


From their fateful start in October of 1969, the Monty Python clan have influenced a generation of comedians and actors, and re-written the parameters of sketch comedy and film satires. After 40 years of inciting riots of belly laughs, the legacy of this dynamic comedic force will be celebrated with the release of Monty Python: Almost The Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut).


This is an Eagle Rock Film Production in association with the Independent Film Channel, produced by Bill and Ben Productions.


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Episode Listing:

1.) The Not-So-Interesting Beginnings

2.) The Much Funnier Second Episode

3.) And Now, The Sordid Personal Bits

4.) The Ultimate Holy Grail Episode

5.) Lust For Glory!

6.) Finally! The Last Episode (Ever) (For now…)


Bonus Material:

Classic Sketches:

1.) The Dead Parrot

2.) The Spanish Inquisition

3.) Fish Slapping Dance

4.) Ministry Of Silly Walks

5.) The Lumberjack Song

6.) The Cheese Shop

7.) SPAM


Extended Interviews – The Pythons on their early years


From The Cutting Room Floor:

1.) The Seventh Python

2.) The Hendon Sketch

3.) Origins Of The Cheese Shop

4.) Steve Coogan Performs “The Undertaker”

5.) Pythons On Pythons

6.) The SPAM Museum

7.) Python In Texas

8.) Tomorrow’s World “The Broken Bottle” (with Terry Jones and Michael Palin)

9.) Bruce Dickinson Registers A Complaint

10.) Elvis Was A Python Fan

11.) Origins Of Fawlty Towers


Terry Gilliam Picture Gallery

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