~Walls of Jericho on October 26, 2010~


New York, NY—Triple Threat Americana Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Mark Newman, the man-in-demand for a wide range of artists, has released his new CD, Walls of Jericho (Danal Music LLC).  Filled with tasty guitar licks, honest vocals and the kind of profound compositional strength that’s universal in scope, Walls Of Jericho is the follow-up to his 2006’s Must Be A Pony.


Newman’s band includes drummer/percussionist Shawn Murray, bassist Keith Lentin and guitarist/vocalist Naomi Margolin.


The 12 tracks encompass 10 originals and two covers:  Willy DeVille’s “Mixed Up Shook Up Girl” and a rarity from 1969 San Francisco, “White Bird” by It’s A Beautiful Day, done as a folksy duet with vocalist Naomi Margolin and featuring Newman on dobro. As lead guitarist for the late Willy Deville’s touring band, Newman grew close with the enigmatic legend, so much so that DeVille’s widow, Nina, presented him with DeVille’s beloved dobro. Newman uses it on both covers. Longtime DeVille percussionist Boris Kinberg also plays on the track.


The originals bespeak a reserved intensity, a simmering of emotion just beneath the surface. Musically, he goes from topical to tropical as the righteous anger of "Fire On The Water" gives way to the balmy island intro of the DeVille cover. Other highlights include the bluesy flair of “I Wanna Know” and closer “Under The Sun” with its creative use of added percussion that percolates perfectly to propel the narrative.


Many of these songs have the type of instant recognition factor usually reserved for beloved favorites. That’s especially the case with opener “Until The Morning Comes,” with a melody so haunting, you’d swear you heard it before.


Lyrically, Newman has truly hit his stride, be it bemoaning the Gulf disaster (“Fire On The Water”), transcending an Israeli epiphany he experienced (“Walls Of Jericho”), remembering his dying father (“Taking Pictures”) or reliving the flush of realization that comes upon finding the love of your life (“She’s The One”).


 Mark Newman has put it all together on Walls Of Jericho.


Track Listing:

  1. Until The Morning Comes

  2. Don’t Get Me Wrong

  3. Taking Pictures

  4. Fire On The Water

  5. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl

  6. Walls of Jericho

  7. Vacation

  8. She’s The One

  9. Medicine Marie

     10.) I Wanna Know

     11.) White Bird

     12.) Under The Sun



See what the critics are saying about Walls of Jericho:


“Newman can play just about anything with frets and strings (guitar, Dobro, lap steel, mandolin). This mix of first-class originals (“Medicine Marie”) and eclectic covers (“Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl,” “White Bird”) proves he’s at the head of the class.”

-Vintage Guitar

“Those who want singer/songwriter stuff with a soulful bite will enjoy this one.”    

-Sun Herald

“From the first few measures, Walls of Jericho captures its musical prey – you and me… Mark Newman’s rolled out a solid album that should turn some heads. Give this guy a listen, and maybe a couple of spins, in order to get into his straightforward style.”

-Guitar International


“What you'll notice about his playing is its clarity of tone and how he has integrated it into the overall flow of each song. His songs aren't simply excuses for him to unleash blistering guitar solos or to show off in any manner, they are fully crafted pieces of work made up of more than just his own talents on stringed instruments.”

-Blogcritics Music – November 2, 2010


“After only one run through of Walls Of Jericho, it is immediately apparent that you are listening to a master craftsman, blending blues, rock 'n' roll, funk, folk …..”

-Sea of Tranquility


“It’s a strong slice of urban Americana that jumps around stylistically, while retaining enough of an artistic focus to make it a real album, instead of just a collection of songs.”

-We Will Rock You




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