John Mayall 
The Godfather of British Blues/ The Turning Point

New York, NY — Eagle Rock Entertainment presents an amazing look into the the blues legend and legacy of John Mayall with the release of the duel documentary John Mayall - The Godfather Of British Blues / The Turning Point on DVD and The Turning Point Soundtrack companion double CD on June 29, 2004. 

When Peter Gibson and Alex Hooper decided to make a documentary about John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers in 1969 the result was “The Turning Point,” a black and white film that focused on Mayall, the bandleader, at a special moment in his career. Some 34 years later Gibson returned to the subject to direct “The Godfather of British Blues,” a 60 minute documentary produced by Martin Weitz and screened by BBC TV in 2003. Viewed together, John Mayall - The Godfather Of British Blues / The Turning Point provides intriguing insight into the life and times of a man who can be mysteriously enigmatic. 

The Turning Point Soundtrack double CD is the audio companion to “The Turning Point” documentary and captures live John Mayall performing in various settings during 1969. The first track on the album was recorded at the last performance by the ‘Laurel Canyon’ line up of John Mayall, Mick Taylor, Steve Thompson and Colin Allen at Birmingham Town Hall on May 9, 1969. The bulk of disc-one features Mayall’s acoustic based line up featuring Mayall, Jon Mark (Acoustic finger-style guitar), Steve Thompson (bass) and Johnny Almond (Tenor and alto saxophones, flutes, mouth percussion). The rest of the disc and all of disc two are the recordings made on the June 1969 tour by the new line up of John Mayall, Jon Mark, Steve Thompson and Johnny Almond during the course of filming “The Turning Point.” 

Commonly known as the "Father of British Blues," John Mayall has been the starting point for some of the greatest blues musicians of our time. His legendary Bluesbreakers launched the careers of Clapton, who left the band with Jack Bruce to form Cream, as well as John McVie, Mick Fleetwood and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac. Mick Taylor was another Bluesbreaker who continued on to play with the Rolling Stones during what is known to some as their greatest musical period.