Just in time for the holidays, Eagle Rock Entertainment presents the hits and history of the Bee Gees with the release of Bee Gees: Collectors Edition. This specially packaged 2 DVD set features the amazing biographical program Official Story, as well as the sensational performance One Night Only. The collection features full live performances of “Massachusetts,” “Night Fever,” “More than a Woman,” “Heartbreaker,” “Tragedy,” “Jive Talkin’,” “Grease,” “Stayin’ Alive” and many more, as well as guest appearances by Celine Dion and Frankie Valli. Bee Gees: Collectors Edition 2 DVD Box Set will be available December 9, 2003 for $24.98. This program has a running time of 220 minutes. 

Official Story is the fully authorized story of the Bee Gees told in their own words. The brothers Gibb paint the picture of the road taken from singing in their room as children through all of the successes that have helped make them the second best selling group of all time. One Night Only is the smash 1997 performance in which the Bee Gees not only perform all of their hits, but they also perform hits that they wrote for other artists (which, naturally, went on to be chart toppers). Among the highlights in this show are “Islands in the Stream”, “Our Love (Don’t Throw It Away)” (a special duet with late brother Andy Gibb), along with “Immortality”, which features a guest appearance by Celine Dion.